We Love OUR Volunteers!

We could not do this without volunteers - where would we be without

your DEAD-ication?!?

If you are interested in volunteering, just email us at NightMAREIslandVallejo@gmail.com



We have lots of great ways you can help out. A wonderful way to

support the community and make new friends.


Here's some of the possibilities: 

□ Scare Actor/Zombie Guide   □ Building Sets   □ Promotion   □ Site Set Up

□ Roadie    □ Haunted House Guide   □ Tech Crew   □ Grounds Crew

□ Tear down/Strike Crew     □ Display/Decoration     □ Sign Painter  

□ Administration/Phone Tree      □ Parking Crew   







Nweka Witch.jpg
Lani Color Witch.jpg
Martin Twinge in Butcher Room.JPG
2019 NMI Obtainium Zombies.jpg

Volunteer EVENTS in PREPARATION for Halloween's NightMARE Island 2021:

*Set Build Saturdays & Sundays in September! Join Us! We'll have more opportunities as well!
*New Volunteer Orientation #1, Thursday, Sept 16 , 6-7:30pm

*New Volunteer Orientation #2, Thursday, Sept 23, 6-7:30pm

Remember to email us at nightmareislandvallejo@gmail.com if you have any questions!!


You must come to one of the orientations if you are going to be volunteering! Thank you!